I’m a 35 year old white guy who just moved to California. I wanted to come here since I was 17 or so because I fell in love with the idea of surfing though I never really did much. I thought this was childish so I went to Medical School which I hated. Seven years wasted. I was so burned out, I did nothing for a few years, though I tried to convince myself I was a writer somehow. A dozen stories and two abandoned novels later, I gave that up.

I worked as a lab technician which I hated because I thought this was the only thing someone with my education could do. Did I mention I was depressed for a long time?

I found meditation and I’m not depressed anymore.

I finished nursing school last year because I “didn’t want my education to go to waste.” Guess how much I like nursing? Not at all.

I have resolved to only do a desk job or nothing.

This blog is going to chart my career successes as well as my efforts to keep myself happy in every way. Some of it will be about what worked, but I suspect most of it will be about what not to do.

May you be happy.


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