What’s My Problem?

My main hate is HR people b/c I believe that their whole purpose is to keep employees away from decision makers to save their time. Since HR ppl tend to be dumb, they don’t actually know what the jobs they hire for are about. If they did, they wouldn’t waste their time in HR. Ppl usually go into HR b/c they “like ppl.”

Before I get into it, I will say that I have met a great deal of wonderful people in HR. One of them even found my resume and called me in for my dream job!

So this isn’t speaking about _all_ HR people. We all know that generalizing about a group 100% is ALWAYS wrong. OK?

I’m talking about the vast majority of the people who have kept me in the welfare lines; someone who deny their company many productive workers.

This is because HR ppl make up really crazy hoops that make no sense in the day to day of the job. They tend to select for people who can get past these hoops which means that they are often sociopaths and other ppl who are good at manipulating ppl. The real good employees don’t stand a chance unless they adopt these dishonest and sleezy tactics. Thus all ppl become more dishonest or go on welfare.

I am highly qualified in at least 3 fields and I applied to about 5 fields in SD, but it took me forever to find a job–any job.

The real irony is that the higher level the job you go for, the better they treat you from the start. The idea of taking any job at all in the “meantime”, IMHO is BS b/c I can’t get _any_ job. I feel that one should only go for the best jobs b/c there are only so many hours in a day to apply for jobs. Not jobs that one can not do, but the highest in one’s field.

I’d gladly work at a bar or grocery store, but I don’t see it ever happening.


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