Price of Happiness

Back when I was in medical school, I was miserable for two years. Suddenly in a flash I realized that most people in the world were in fact not doctors and if they were miserable and inferior to the docs out there, they were doing a great job of hiding it.

I felt that there was a point where money was not so important and there was this thing called “happiness” that one must also pay attention to.

Now, years later, in front of me, I have the choice between a miserable job and no job at all. What do I choose? For now, I am going to try to get a job as a nurse. Hopefully. I might not even get a job in this field despite my perfect record, high grades, and license.

I was told that being out of work for over a year made one harder to hire. This fills me with a lot of anxiety as for this is the only game out there. Every other field I applied to NEVER EVEN GOT BACK TO ME save for a few positions in non-profit.

If I want a job, I’m going to have to go into something a bit more specialized. This is nursing for now. My question is that how much suffering does there have to be on a job?

When someone complains about a job being hard, people are skeptical. “It’s not that bad,” they say. And it’s not. It’s just my happiness. Small price to pay for a few bucks.


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