Life in the Shit Lane

It’s been six months since I last had a job. That’s half a year. This is not for lack of trying.

I have literally applied to positions at a car dealership, several hospitals as a nurse, countless biotech firms (none of whom called me back not even to tell me that the position was filled), non-profit administrative positions, IT support jobs, programming positions, numerous government agencies, and I cold called over 100 area colleges about office work.

I had two non-profit full time interviews that I totally rocked then did not get the jobs. I had one part time non-profit interview where I idiotically did not promise to stay there until they kicked me out. Finally, I had a single job at one of the 100 or so colleges I cold called about a position. They didn’t hire me either, but they were nice about it.

My next mission is to go door to door to every area business to ask for a job. Any job. This seems like a depressing feat, but it has actually been pretty fun so far. It is nice to get out in the sunshine and talk to people. Even when they say “no”, I feel that I am at least trying to get a job. And no, I do not get discouraged. At least so far. I don’t know why. I am more motivated than ever.

For one thing, I despite the title, I don’t subscribe to the whole hierarchy caste system of jobs. I used to, but at this point, I can’t afford to. I feel too old for this nonsense, too. It’s like a mental game that children play at. I just need to have money flowing in so I can pay off those student loans that people told me would lead to such great career heights and happiness.

Therefore, no job is beneath me. In fact, I’d do pretty much anything right now. I see the people at the beach who take out the trash, and they do it with great dignity. Plus they are on the beach. All day. Most importantly, they are getting paid. Also, they get to drive a nice truck for free.

Before the week is out, I’m going to peddle over to the beach and take some more applications. Hopefully someone will hire me.

Right now, I’m shaving off the beard that the wife loves so much, and I’m going to bicycle over the nearest blood bank to see what’s up with my application. Follow up is everything, I believe.


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