The Job Center Rules

My brilliant wife, through networking aka attending a party, found out about a job center that has been a great boon to me all ready. It is called the Metro Region Career Center, and there are 1700 of then in the United States.

The people were incredibly helpful especially with regards to the classes. The first class, which was resumes, like the group interview I had a few weeks ago, merely served as a self-esteem booster. I knew nearly everything that was being said, and the people seemed not as bright as I am.

The next class, which I had today, was about Navigating the Job Market. The teacher was great. He motivated us to find a job, but also he did the best thing that one could do which was point us to a place where we could get information regarding what to do in a career.

At this point, I’m going through careers I all ready know are fun like Administrative Assistant. I’m going to pull some skills out of the site which I all ready have. Then I am going to make sure they are prominent in my resume. The teacher told me something that I had all ready suspected. HR staff uses a point system when judging resumes based on embedded keywords.

This means that under the UV gave of an HR agent, a resume is not a coherent piece of text, but rather the keywords light up in bold and are tallied. The other resume niceties that one spent hours on become invisible. That is unless it’s a spelling mistake. In that case, your resume goes in a hopper that reads REJECT.

Regular readers know that I have a great deal of anger toward the HR industry because I am a brilliant person who has gotten into the best schools, beating out thousands of applicants, only to wind up in debt, nearly homeless, and struggling to get any sort of job. Although I have woken up from the bad dream called the Delusions of Higher Education, I have decided to embrace my anger for all things HR and to study the enemy in the hopes that I can use their methods against them and infiltrate the citadel of solvency.

The thing that has given me the most hope was a stint at a University Housing office which turned out to be the lap of luxury, laughter, and happiness. Now I hope to repeat this wonderful experience using my new found skills.


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