Career Survey: HR

The funniest thing about this career is that it used to be called Personnel, now it is Human Resources. Why the name change?

Here’s an article that sheds some light on the reason.

It appears that the reason for the name change was that Personnel Office workers didn’t feel like they were respected enough so they changed their name. To me, this is plain bizarre. First of all, it shows that they are concerned with appearances and status more than doing a good job. Second of all, they chose the profession. How it was perceived was known before they went into it. So why all the fuss now?

So if I dump on this profession, why am I so obsessed with it? Plus, why would I even consider going into a field so removed from my own education, experience, and interests?

Simple answer: money. Why money? Well, all the land is owned, and many natural plants one can survive on are either dead or impossible to get at so I need to make money to eat. Plus camping outside all the time really sucks. It’s scary and boring.

HR workers are the gatekeeper to pretty much any job that pays a decent wage. Like it or hate it, the amount of influence I have over HR staff will make or break whether I have a decent job or not. Plus, as a man, I am expected to provide for my family. I have never seen this attitude seen as sexist in any way nor is it seen to place an unfair burden on men. It is just “the way things are.” I’m nobody so I have no intention of changing people’s minds on this opinion.

The problem is that since I graduated in school in 1995, I have had a hard time getting the high paying jobs I was promised for spending seven years of non-stop study. This makes me feel really bad. In many ways, this is all my own fault as I did not learn that there was a game to be played and people to be manipulated. On the other hand, can I be blamed for taking people at face value? Should have I suspected that there was something deeper behind employment? Again, I don’t create the prevailing viewpoints and opinions, I just suffer under them.

I have always disliked games that didn’t have explicit rules as I have a hard time even understanding that there’s a game being played. This is why I hate both dating and HR. There are people with power who are judging my ability to read their minds. If I fail then they with hold their resources from me, and I look like a loser.

Thus my love for the field of HR was born. I figured if I could work as an HR worker, I’d know their secrets, and I’d never have trouble getting a job again.


1. Learn how the HR Citadel really works. Get better jobs and fully use my benefits from my job.

2. The work is really easy. They take many breaks–they are never there when I need them. They are in at 9, the earliest, and definitely out by 5 PM. I have never seen an HR office open before or after normal hours. HR workers work in an office. They do no heavy labor. The heaviest thing that they have to lift if a file folder.

3. Feeling of power you get by judging others by whatever standard you want. Watching people grovel to get a job.

4. Pay is very high.

5. Know the gossip in the office such as who is harassing whom and when layoffs are going to occur.


1. Hard to get a job in HR with no education and experience.

2. Job consists of mastering boring forms and regulations.

3. HR culture is not mine. It is a legalistic butt covering culture of paranoia. HR workers feel under appreciated and under attack from litigious employees.

4. Does not value humor nor creativity. Potentially stifling and soul crushing work environment.


Overall, HR is a cake job. The worst part about it is the boredom. Being an anxious and imaginative person, this will probably not be a problem, and I can see myself working in HR for the rest of my life. The only tough part is to get my first job. This is why I am not actively seeking this type of job, but I will consider offers. Also, I will try to work myself into this role by volunteering at another job.


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